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What you can do to help?

There are many ways you can help:

 Be a Friend of Sehberg Become a board / committee member,
Identify & Mobilize resources for the Trust
 Be a Volunteer Kid Fill the Form
 Dedicate any object at Sehberg Center
from bench to classroom
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 Sponsor an event for KKM
(sports competition, quiz, exposure trip)
Rs. 10,000 per event
 Sponsor a child in Iqra Rs. 15,000 per year or Rs. 1250 per month
 Fund a scholarship for Chamktay Sitaray Diploma: Rs. 2500 - 3000 per month
Degree: Rs. 10,000 upwards per month
 Be a Microfinance Donor for Dukhter Program Minimum Rs. 5,000
 Donate monthly medicines for the Clinic Minimum Rs. 5,000
 Sponsor a Health Mela / Taleem Mela / Science Mela Rs. 15,000 per event

IBAN: PK21 SAMB 0000 0065 0475 0009
Address: Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area,
Islamabad, Pakistan.

For facilitation contact Mr.Faisal Hussain, +92 321 5540407, Email: mail@sehbergtrust.org

About Sehberg Trust 

Sehberg Trust is a non-profit, (non-governmental and non-political) organization registered under the Trust Act 1882 in May 2007.

Sehberg means "Three Leaves" which stands for Health, Education and Livelihood which are the focal areas for the Trust with Livelihood being a cross sectional theme.

Sehberg Trust is also registered with Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) under Federal Board of Revenue, Government of Pakistan. Under PCP the trust enjoys various benefits, such as obtaining tax benefits including approval, tax credit and exemption from Commissioner Inland Revenue, Government of Pakistan. In addition to tax benefits, certification leads to increase in credibility. PCP certified organizations are included in PCP’s annual directory which is widely circulated among donor community and other key stakeholders including Government.


Expanding mental horizons of Pakistani youth through exposure, innovation and diffusion of knowledge.

Core Values

We believe in humanity regardless of religion and geographical boundaries and giving back to the needy to empower them not as a favor but as a social duty, while respecting their dignity and opinion.

Contact Us

  • Address: Office # 5, 1st Floor,
    Executive Complex G-8,
    Islamabad - Pakistan
  • Phone: +92 321 5540407
  • Email: mail@sehbergtrust.org

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